about us

About Us

Welcome to Stuffroad.com, the place to find the best architectural materials online for every taste.
We throughout check the quality of our goods, working only with authorized vendors.
Our aim is to provide All Architectural & Construction materials under one roof so, that customers can do Hassle-free & Time-saving shopping.
Stuffroad.com delivers the best product at the most affordable price & also providing you attractive discounts on bulk quantity.
We are providing excellent customer service & friendly support to Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors & Builders.

Our Vision

Stuffroad is entering the market with a vision to make available all architectural & construction material under one roof by connecting dealers to architects, builders, contractors & interior designers. Now, everyone can build their dream home stress-free.

Our Mission

To be the first online selling company for architectural & construction materials. Stuffroad wants to make the easiest shopping way at affordable prices for every range of products & quantities.